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process support for
construction and renovation projects

Many people start out thinking their construction or renovation project is effectively organised. In practice,however, they are often sorely disappointed. Building or remodelling can be a complex and time-consuming undertaking. Who’s responsible for which aspects? And how can you ensure quality? Especially in today’s market, it’s not unusual for budget overruns to be as high as 30%. With Briccs, you can rely on a versatile construction director for the management of your construction and renovation projects. We connect all the parties involved, limit project costs and ensure an efficient construction process. Briccs can lighten your load!

meet rebecca tol

Allow me to introduce myself briefly. During my career of over twenty years, I’ve held a number of professional positions related to marketing communication and HRM. I also have experience in dealing with process management for SMEs in their start-up phase. I worked to develop a picture of various processes and focused on applying structure and organisation to them. In addition, I led and supervised the construction of new buildings on behalf of various large Japanese corporations.

My transition to a career as construction director began with the renovation of a new home belonging to good friends of mine. Thanks to my experience as project manager, I was asked to manage the remodelling of their villa because both partners were extremely busy with their work and lacked renovation experience. Both they and I were so pleased with the results that I subsequently decided to focus exclusively on the management and supervision of construction projects. Since then, I’ve helped to realise a variety of exciting projects.

As the driving force behind Briccs, I’m eager to put my experience to work for the benefit of others. A ‘doer’ by nature, I am eager to learn and prefer to take initiative; I’m inherently decisive and solution-oriented as well. I take immense satisfaction in organising a project down to the smallest detail!

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the solution
is briccs

  • Need someone to guide and coordinate your project?
  • Want greater insight into how the project is progressing?
  • Looking for an organisation that can provide reporting and action lists during the construction meetings?
  • Need help in making sure your project adheres to the stated schedule and budget?
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Ready to kick off a construction or renovation project? So are we! Get in touch with us to schedule an introductory meeting straight away. We’ll visit you at the location of your choosing and listen carefully to your plans and wishes.

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